A team of diverse communications professionals

With a finger on the pulse of our target audience.

International Reach

Candour Communications' international affiliations include Hotwire PR, Brands2life, Brodeur Partners, Rice Communications.


We’ve built our group so our expertise travels well. From applying our know-how to a new local market to rolling out a campaign worldwide, we do it better than anyone. Collaborative PR that works across boundaries.

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We are proud to be part of the Brands2Life Global Network of international, owner-managed PR agencies. Our international collaboration encourages the shared values of strategy and content development, storytelling and evaluation.

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We create bold, fresh communications campaigns that make you relevant in a distracted world. When you’re relevant, you don’t just change people’s minds, you change behavior.

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Rice Communications

Rice develops, coordinates and executes strategic communications programs across Asia Pacific for companies of all sizes.

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