PR Agency in Delhi

We always see our team as an
extension of your company

and not as an external entity.

Practice Areas

The ever expanding education scenario with the advent of leading global players requires our experts to be alert, adaptive and smartly strategic in delivering communication programs that meet business objectives.

At a time when the healthcare industry landscape is so dynamic, we are prepared to serve clients across the full range of healthcare sectors. Our expertise covers category development work, brand campaigns, product launches, sustained awareness programs, special initiatives and events.

In an environment of constant innovation, ensuring differentiation and leadership through engagement of various communication tools is what we collaborate with our technology clients to achieve. Whether it is a new semiconductor chip design or a software platform, we understand the dynamic of the sector and deliver strategic communication solutions.

Our team draws from its professional in the financial sector- banking, financial services and investment- to provide insightful communication strategies that deliver business objectives.

Fashion trends, brands and art keep our team in constant dialogue with entertainment and lifestyle media, creating platforms for engagement, publicity and reputation management.

The liberalization of the economy and the entry of leading global brands in the India retail sector have given us the opportunity to demonstrate our understanding of global retailing and their application in the local market.

The real estate boom and its dizzy roller coaster trajectory have required our team to expertly navigate the troughs and peaks with insightful management of stakeholder communications.